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A weekly podcast where CRNAs and SRNAs share their stories, insights, and the heartbeat of their profession—without the pressure of a formal interview. Dive into the narratives that define nurse anesthesia, one story at a time.

As individuals who have earned a place in CRNA school despite formidable challenges, we represent a collective of resilience and dedication, bringing together both CRNAs and SRNAs in a pursuit of mastery within the field of nurse anesthesia.

How can you guide an aspiring CRNA?

Every CRNA's journey is a beacon for those setting sail into the world of nurse anesthesia. "The CRNA Experience" invites you to impart wisdom and encourage the aspirants. Share your trials, triumphs, and teachings; each one paves the way for future guardians of anesthesia.

When you call in, please answer at a minimum three of the following five prompts:

  1. Your Call to Nurse Anesthesia: Tell us what drew you to this profession and how it might resonate with those considering the path.

  2. Pivotal Experiences: Share a defining moment from your journey that could provide perspective and motivation for students.

  3. Navigating Challenges: Describe an obstacle you’ve overcome and offer strategies that might guide SRNAs facing similar hurdles.

  4. Life Transformations: Reflect on the personal and professional growth you've experienced since becoming a CRNA, offering a glimpse into the potential future for those in training.

  5. Mentorship in Motion: Dispense your advice and lessons learned, becoming a remote mentor to those who seek the wisdom only experience can provide.

By offering your unique story, you step into the role of a mentor, nurturing growth and tenacity within our field. your personal journey has the power to enlighten and inspire. Ready to make an impact? Call in now and make your mark.

Do you have a journey to share, a hurdle you've overcome, or wisdom to impart to future CRNAs?

The CRNA Experience Line is waiting for your call, 24/7! Dial in and make an impact!

📞 [Your Podcast Hotline Number]

Prefer to write it down? Click Here to submit your experience online, and we may feature it for dramatic effect. (Because every voice matters!)

Don't worry about waiting for a live episode to share your insights. Every submission will receive a personal acknowledgment, and you might just hear your story in our next broadcast.

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