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Partner with Our Healthcare Community to

Elevate Your Impact

 Highlight your job, event, product, or service in our weekly newsletter to an audience of devoted nursing and healthcare professionals 

Our audience isn't just large; it's specialized and laser-focused—comprising of ICU nurses, CRNAs, nursing students, and other dedicated healthcare specialists who are deeply committed to advancing their careers and enhancing patient care through innovative solutions.

Newsletter subscribers

~ 5000 (list 'cleaned' continuously)

Weekly new subscribers

~ 100 +

Open/Engagement rate

58.38%/81.67% (past 30 days)

Occupation profile

People who work as registered nurses in mostly ICUs, CRNAs, nursing students, and other healthcare professionals.


Key areas of interest include job opportunities, products, events, and more.

Newsletter frequency

Once weekly (Thursday morning EST

 Here are the benefits and how our platform can help you: 

Market Access

Explore new opportunities and markets with a community of engaged healthcare professionals.

Targeted Reach

Our network offers a seamless connection for nurses seeking specialized job listings, industry events, and professional resources and products.

Advocacy & Representation

Stand with a brand that champions the needs and voices of ICU nurses and CRNAs.

Engaged Professionals

Benefit from the attention of a readership that values recommendations on the latest in healthcare technology, services, practices, or products. 

Brand Exposure

Elevate your presence in a competitive healthcare landscape with a trusted partner.

Community Impact

Partnering with us means more than just exposure; it's about making a meaningful contribution to the nursing and healthcare community. 


 Choose from the options below: 

  • 1 sponsor only per issue

  • Always top placement 

  • 2 format options 

  • Image, longer text and multiple links possible 

More info below​

  • Only 4 classified spots 

  • Bottom quarter placement

  • Text only, 180 characters

  • Plain text, one link per classified

More info below​


 Main Sponsor 


Main Sponsor Details

Also known as our Solo Spotlight Package. It puts you front and center in our exclusive weekly issue.

  • Description:

    • This package offers exclusive sponsorship for a single issue of "CRNA Weekly Insights,” with the sponsor's content as the top focus.

  • Features:

    • One dedicated newsletter featuring the sponsor's event, job posting, or product.

    • The sponsor's content will be featured in the prime 'Featured Section' of the newsletter.

    • A direct link to the sponsor’s product, service, or event page. Multiple links possible.

    • 2 formats- one with text only, and 1 with image and text

    • Description- 320 characters max 

    • In a sage box color in the top section of each issue, right below the issue’s introduction. 

  • Choose from one of the two formats.


 Classified Postings 

Laptop Writing

Classified Postings Details

Also known as our Classified Ad Package, simplifies your advertising needs, placing your jobs, events, or products in our exclusive weekly issue.


For just $79 per classified.



  • Click on the button below to view the current posting calendar, then click on any available slot to book your ads/postings. If all slots are currently booked, add your email address to our waitlist below.

  • You will receive a confirmation and receipt via email after your booking. Please reply to that email with any questions, or email directly. All ad bookings are subject to The CRNA Chase Academy advertising terms.

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